Since September 2020, UAM has been operating with on-campus classes. Thanks to the safety protocols imposed, UAM has been running smoothly, with no outbreaks or contagions caused by the classes.

We expect the PreUniSS to run similarly to previous years’ summer schools, but with most of the current security measures in place in the face of COVID-19. In particular, we expect the following measures to be implemented:

  • Mandatory use of face masks both outdoors and indoors.
  • Students will occupy the same position in the classroom throughout the day.
  • There will be marked seats that can be occupied and the rest will remain empty.
  • Permanent ventilation of classrooms (windows permanently open).
  • Special hygiene and disinfection measures for the facilities.
  • Supply of hydroalcoholic gel for students and teachers.
  • A safety distance of at least 2 meters should be maintained between the teacher and students while the class is in progress.

Some or all of the planned off-campus events and excursions may not be possible if the institutions to be visited (or the authorities) continue to restrict visits at the time of the Program.

In the case of students from other regions or countries who suffer travel restrictions and are unable to travel to Madrid, as in the case of local students who are subject to quarantine or unable to attend classes for any other similar reason, these students would follow the classes online (at least as long as they are unable to attend in person) while the rest of the students follow the classes in the classroom. We have cameras and microphones in the classrooms so that students can see and hear everything that happens in the classroom from their homes, and speakers to hear students talking at home as if they were in the classroom. We hope that no student will need to use this equipment, but we are fully prepared in case someone needs to follow the classes through the Internet.

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